Used Oven Ranges

If you’re in the market for a new oven, then look no further than our used oven ranges in the Edmonton area.

Whether your oven has given up unexpectedly or it’s simply time to switch it out for a newer model, we’ve got you covered.

Buying new appliances is expensive, and it canprice you out of the best models. Used ovens are a great way to get the model you want without having to max out your budget. The best thing is, you still end up with ahigh-quality, functional, and long-lasting product.

Maysfield Appliances is the premier appliance
repair specialist, making us the ideal place to get your used oven ranges in Edmonton.

We’re passionate about quality used ovens and ensure our customers get the very best.

We work with some of the biggest and trusted brands including Kenmore, LG, Whirlpool, GE, Electrolux, and many more. This means you can take your pick of the best used oven ranges Edmonton has to offer.

Save 42%
Used Frigidaire Stove Model No. CFEF366GCB for sale in EdmontonUsed Frigidaire Stove Model No. CFEF366GCB for sale in Edmonton
Save 45%
Whirlpool Stove Model No. WERP4120PS0Whirlpool Stove Model No. WERP4120PS0
Save 42%
Kenmore Stove Model No. 970-606023Kenmore Stove Model No. 970-606023
Save 11%
Used Fisher & Paykel Stove Model No. OR36SDBGX1 for sale in EdmontonUsed Fisher & Paykel Stove Model No. OR36SDBGX1 for sale in Edmonton
Save 41%
Maytag Stove Model No. YMER7651WS 2Maytag Stove Model No. YMER7651WS 2
Save 17%
Samsung Stove Model No. FTQ307NWGXSamsung Stove Model No. FTQ307NWGX
Save 37%
GE Stove Model No. JCBP80S0J3SSGE Stove Model No. JCBP80S0J3SS
Save 28%
LG Stove Model No. LSE4611ST/00LG Stove Model No. LSE4611ST/00
Save 36%
KitchenAid Stove Model No. YKERS807SS01KitchenAid Stove Model No. YKERS807SS01

Used ovens come in all shapes in sizes, which means we have an option to suit everybody. Many of our models can be “nearly new,” meaning you get a new oven with all the features at a significantly discount list price.

All our used ovens are thoroughly checked by our experienced engineers, which means you can rest assured your oven is going to perform for years to come.

Through our focus on customer service, we’re passionate about offering the people of Edmonton the honest, expert advice they need and used appliances of the highest quality.

Shop high-quality ovens, ranges, and stoves.