Used Appliances For Sale in Edmonton

Did you know that Edmonton has over 50 festivals every year? While some festivals are enjoyed out and around town, for others you’ll want to host your loved ones at home. Updating your kitchen or home appliances is an exciting way to refresh your space!

Buying new items can make it feel like you are breaking your bank. But it doesn’t have to! If you are looking for a great bargain, then shop for used appliances at Maysfield Appliance in Edmonton.

Whether you are in need of a new appliance right now for everyday use or just want to update your home, you are sure to find gems that will suit your needs. Shop with us to learn why Maysfield Appliance should be your first choice when you want to shop for used appliances in Edmonton.

Best Prices: Compared to prices of new products, used or refurbished appliances are much more cost effective! You’ll find used or refurbished appliances when you shop with us, at a great deal and in great condition. At times, you may even find offers with up to a 40 percent discount!

Quality Appliances

Don’t be discouraged by the word ‘used’ or 'refurbished'. We ensure that all our items go through a rigorous quality check. You are sure to get an item that is in good working condition without any dents, scratches, or damage.

Delivery and Installation

We don’t just make sure that you get quality home appliances for good prices. We go a bit further than that. For a nominal fee, we take over all the stress of delivery, removal of an old appliance, and installation of the new one. In need of a replacement part for a washer or refrigerator? We ship replacement parts ship directly to you!

Maysfield Appliance offers used appliances in Edmonton, for shipping, delivery, and satisfaction guaranteed. Our website showcases a wide variety of items for all your home appliances. From kitchen to laundry we are here to assist you!

Get started with refurbishing your house with your dream appliances and order online today!

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