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Whether you’ve just purchased an eight-plex building or have been running a one-hundred unit building for a decade, you know how frustrating it can be to maintain appliances. Not to mention the time-suck and financial overhauls of choosing appliances for rentals.

From dryers to dishwashers, it can, at times, feel like you’re constantly writing checks for your hard-earned capital to keep your tenants’ appliances running.

And these days, the prices associated with those appliances are skyhigh.

If you’re looking to catch a break on your next appliance repair bill, we’ve got six used appliance tips for landlords to keep your machines running for years to come. Find all these appliances and more under our used appliance tab on our website!

Ensure All Oven Doors Have a Tight Seal

We all know ovens are not inexpensive to purchase, but it’s the everyday cost that gets you. But did you know that by simply ensuring that all the oven doors in your building have tight doors, you can save hundreds of dollars?

Without a correct seal, ovens can lose a substantial amount of heat, not only increasing your tenants’ bills, but also taking longer to cook, which means way more usage for in-unit ovens.

Inspect Washing Machines Hoses

Most washing machine leaks are actually caused by faulty or incorrectly connected hoses. Offset the potential of leaks and their corresponding damage by thoroughly inspecting washing machine hoses at a regular cadence.

Leaks can mean midnight calls from tenants and major damage including mold, damaged walls, flooring and more.

Clean Air Conditioner Filters

Clogged or dirty air conditioner filters can limit air flow and impact appliance lifespan. To ensure that your air conditioners outlast your tenants’ lease, be sure to change the air filter every two to four weeks.

If you have replaceable filters, simply install a new one - it is a worthwhile monthly cost that will pay dividends. If your filters are permanent, be sure to vacuum them to remove debris and dirt.

Ensure Refrigerator Doors Have a Tight Seal

Much like oven doors, you want to ensure that all the refrigerator doors in your building have tight seals. By firmly sealing cool air in the body of the fridge, the appliance doesn't have to operate in a perpetual state of overdrive, extending longevity and avoiding the costly price of replacement.  

Clean Refrigerator Coils

Refrigerator coils are vital to the appliance’s success. Oftentimes, if a fridge conks out, the coils are to blame. To avoid landing at this disastrous juncture, be sure to regularly clean fridge coils to support longevity. To reach the coils, simply remove the front or back grille and use a coil brush to clean.  

Clean Dishwashers

Apartments that feature a dishwasher is a huge perk for tenants! 

Keep these everyday appliances functioning at their peak by ensuring that the filter remains free and unclogged. To make this easy maintenance tip a regular practice, simply pull out the lower rack of the dishwasher and remove the filter. Next, use a shopvac to clean off the stream.

Used Appliance Tips for Landlords and Property Owners Conclusion

Before you consider choosing appliances for rentals, you should consider adjusting your used appliance maintenance practice to reflect these six used appliance tips for landlords.

By incorporating these used appliance tips for landlords, you can make your existing appliances go the extra mile, all while saving your tenants a few bucks on electricity bills.

If you’re looking to add used appliances to your rental, Maysfield Appliance has you covered.

Shop used appliances for your property today!

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