Is It Worth Repairing a Stove?

Stove on the fritz? You have a few options! Let’s weigh the pros and cons of repairing versus replacing your malfunctioning stove.

Should You Really Pay To Repair That Stove?

Your old stove has seen its better days, but it might be worth repairing! Or should you consider replacing it altogether? If your stove is failing to meet your needs, you need to weigh the cost of repairing versus replacing it. Consider the following while making your decision.

A Rusting Interior

Knowing when to replace the stove means looking inside first. Finding rust inside of your stove means it’s an easy decision - replace the stove. That rust can fall into your food. Even a few small rust particles will, at the very least, ruin your freshly baked cookies. Small amounts of rust in your food most likely will not make you sick, but larger pieces can create a choking hazard or lead to injuries.

Switching Between Gas and Electric

You might be wondering, "Can I replace a gas stove with electric?" Yes, you can. But it can still be costly. Switching from gas to electric requires a skilled electrician. They will come out and run a new electrical line. The gas line has to be capped at the stove location, and the electrical line could cost up to $400. Make sure to contact your local electrician for a quote. 

Weighing the Repair Costs

Is the stove's repair bill going to be worth more than the stove itself? If so, consider replacing it. A stove that is always breaking down certainly is worth replacing. Repairing parts adds up fast and could cost you more than a new stove itself. Plus, having to make frequent appointments with the repairman really infringes on your time.

As for how much does it cost to fix a stove, an average estimate hovers around $220, but big repairs could run the bill up to about $1,000. In-wall ovens run higher than freestanding units. You also have to consider the distance the repairman will be traveling just to fix the stove.

Upgrading to Something Better

It’s always nice to upgrade, and if you've simply outgrown your stove it may be time. Some new stoves offer hybrid options that can save on energy or maybe you’d just like a larger cooking range. Perhaps you are considering an entire kitchen remodel and want to go with a different style. If your current stove looks unattractive and isn't meeting your needs, think about upgrading to an oven that fits the theme of your kitchen.

Give Maysfield Appliance a call if you need help with repairing your stove or getting a new stove to replace it. We have new options, used appliances, and the parts you need to fix your current stove. We can help you determine what the best choice is for you - if your current stove is a quick fix or if you might want to scrap it and invest in a newer model!