Male technician repairing a refrigerator in Edmonton

Is It Cheaper To Repair or Replace a Refrigerator? 

If you find yourself with spoiled milk before the expiration date, the first thing people do is blame the grocery store -  but you might want to pause for a second and look a little closer to home. Your refrigerator could be responsible for things spoiling too quickly. 

The first question that comes to mind after you try and fix the fridge yourself is, “is it cheaper to repair or replace a refrigerator”? It’s one of the most important appliances in your home and very few of us would know how to live without it. For that reason, getting it repaired or replaced right away is important. 

In this article, we’ll address the factors that you should consider when deciding if repairing or replacing is the right choice. 

What Are the Signs That Your Refrigerator Is Going Out? 

Before we get into ways your fridge lets you know it’s on it’s last leg and let’s talk about some of the signs you might be experiencing. If you are having any of these issues with your fridge, it might be time to do something about it. 

Food frequently spoiling - If you notice that food is going bad sooner than before it might not have anything to do with the food itself. Your fridge may not be maintaining a cool enough temperature to properly refrigerate the food. 

The fridge is sweating - Have you ever seen moisture on the outside of your fridge? This means that the seals on the fridge are breaking down and cool air is leaking out. This not only results in a warmer internal temperature but inflated energy bills. 

Loud fridge noises - If you hear your fridge making a lot of noise it means the motor is running overtime. It shouldn’t constantly be running and that’s a sign that the fridge is having a hard time maintaining temperature. 

How Much Does Refrigerator Repair Cost? 

Now that you understand some of the warning signs, you might be considering fridge repair. If you have a fridge that isn’t running properly, it is likely causing high energy bills which is costing you a lot of money in the long run. It’s best to address this problem right away. 

The average cost of repairing a fridge varies based on your location but typical costs run between $200-$400 depending on what needs to be repaired. 

If you’ve ever purchased a fridge before (which you obviously have) you should see this as the more affordable option. Plus, it’s a better environmental decision because you don’t have to worry about disposing of the old fridge. Of course, there are situations where your fridge may be beyond repair and it may require you to replace it. 

How Much Does an Average Refrigerator Cost? 

If purchasing a new refrigerator is the only option it can run you anywhere between $500 and $3,000 or more. There are so many features packed into refrigerators anymore including digital screens with water dispensers, built-in compartments, and more. The average refrigerator should last you around 15 years or more so if you’re under that mark and you feel that you’ve maintained it properly, expect to choose repair over replacement. 

Is It Better to Fix or Buy a New Refrigerator? 


Ultimately, the choice you make is up to you. Just make sure you know who to call for refrigerator repair. Maysfield Appliance is happy to service your refrigerator and help you choose a new one. Whatever the right choice is for you, we're here to help. Shop our inventory of refurbished refrigerators today!